It started as a humble social experiment in 2015.

It snowballed into a global movement, uniting people of all ages and backgrounds across nearly 100 countries in a chorus of Empathy 275,000 people strong. 

June 2015: Launched The Empathy Effect on Facebook

October 2015: Upworthy features our small but mighty idea.  

November 2015: MTV gives us a massive thumbs up.

Over the course of the next 8 months, The Empathy Effect would receive public praise and press from magazines, newspapers and blogs around the world.

On Day 365 of the experiment, we would launch The Empathy Effect 2.0. Our mission was simple: to convert passive “slacktivism” to radical “activism.” Through the #EmpathyPledge, a promise to practice one act of empathy everyday, we mobilized hundreds of thousands of people across the world in coordinated acts of Empathy, and raised over $100,000 in partnership with causes repairing our fractured world. 

But it’s just the beginning. In 2021, we are unveiling Empathy Empire, a new world order, catalyzed by a dream to illuminate the world.


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