Thank you for visiting Kim Smiley, a global lifestyle brand that weaves together fashion and empathy.

Our lace jewelry is made by hand in Toronto, Canada by newcomers for a Living Wage. Think less baubles, more badge of honour.

One recognizes a Kim Smiley creation in the blink of an eye. The aesthetic is that unique. But our proudest point of differentiation is that we are disrupting the fashion industry through our unwavering commitment to slow fashion and giving back.

Our jewelry may be #lightasafeather, but the company’s social impact has the gravitas of gold. Everything we do is tethered to our unwavering commitment to empathy. 

“Empathy is the force that infuses all my work.” — @kimsmiley

Under the auspices of Kim Smiley’s Charitable Foundation, Empathy Empire, every purchase powers empathy education around the world.

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