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Brand Promise

Thank you for visiting Kim Smiley, a Global Lifestyle movement that marries Fashion, Social Justice and Philanthropy.

Our lace jewellery is made by hand in Toronto, Canada by newcomers who earn a Living Wage.

Think less baubles, more badge of honour.

One recognizes a Kim Smiley lace creation in the blink of an eye. The aesthetic is that unique. But our proudest point of differentiation is that we are disrupting the fashion industry through our unwavering commitment to empathetic production and giving back.

Kim Smiley lace jewellery may be light as a feather, but the company’s social impact has the gravitas of gold. Everything we do is tethered to our unwavering commitment to Empathy. 

“Empathy is the force that infuses all my work.” — @kimsmiley

Under the auspices of Kim Smiley’s Charitable Foundation, Empathy Empire, a portion of sales from every purchase powers Empathy Talks; Pop Ups For A Higher Purpose; and Online interactive, Empathy Workshops for people of all ages and backgrounds. 

Our Empathy Academy serves everyone, from 3 year olds to Fortune 500 CEOs. No matter someone’s age or background, our brand promise is the same: To move the needle on social issues, especially meaningful employment, women’s empowerment and, above all, the radical power of EmpathyS

To learn more about our Beauty and Empathy Revolution; and brand and partnership opportunities please contact