Bishop Earrings - Turquoise
After the rain there is sun. These earrings drip with elegance. The deep colour of the teal enhances any eye to sparkle. DETAILS: Teardrop-shaped crystal on a bed of Japanese lace Sterling Silver or 14K gold-filled hoops Kim Smiley branded...
Sappho Cuff - Pewter
Our cult classic. The Sappho looks like a stiff metal, but it's as soft as a second skin. Every lace cuff in our collection closes with a magnetic clasp. You won't believe it's not metal.  DETAILS: Hand-sewn Japanese lace Gold...
Levi Cuff - pewter with clear white
Our cult classic goes glam. The Levi lace cuff exudes good vibes and fits like a second skin. The Swarovski jewel at the heart of our cuff channels your highest vibration.  DETAILS: Hand-sewn Japanese lace 12 mm Swarovski element Mag-Lok indestructible magnetic...
Frost Cuff - pewter with light amethyst
It's not jewelry. It's a badge of honor. Our classic lace cuff looks like a stiff metal, but it's as soft as a second skin. Kim Smiley's Frost Cuff Bracelet is adorned with a halo of fourteen hand-appointed Swarovski crystals....
Sexton Choker
DETAILS: Hand-sewn Japanese lace 9mm genuine freshwater pearl with 5 tanzanite Swarovski crystal prisms  Gold-plated or sterling silver-plated Mag-Lok indestructible magnetic clasp Branded Kim Smiley disc Handmade with love in Canada for a Living Wage
Yenser Bracelet
A hand-sewn Japanese lace cuff with clear Swarovski crystals and freshwater pearls. Closes with a magnetic clasp. A perfect match with our Clifton Choker.  DETAILS: Genuine 9 mm freshwater pearls Gold or Silver Mag-Lok magnetic clasp Branded Kim Smiley disc...
Sophie Earrings
Canada’s First Lady, Sophie Gregoire Trudeau, rocked these earrings on her official trip to India in 2018. The world held its breath as Kim Smiley was launched as a designer on the international stage. DETAILS: Swarovski jewels (14 mm), crystals...
Sold Out
Eliot Earrings - Clear White
Fit for a Queen, but handmade for the woman who wants to make a fashion statement with a conscience.  DETAILS: Swarovski jewels on a bed of Japanese lace 9 mm Fresh Water Pearls Sterling silver or 14K gold-filled hoops Kim...
Clifton Choker
Handmade, dramatic double choker made with our signature Japanese lace. Adorned with stunning 8 freshwater pearls and 8 hand-appointed Swarovski crystals. A perfect match with our Yenser Bracelet. DETAILS: Measures 13.5” Hand-sewn Japanese pewter lace Eight 9 mm freshwater pearls...
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