Welcome to the World of KIM SMILEY, where beauty is measured from the inside out. Whoever said beauty was skin deep has obviously never met the woman Global National News dubbed as an International “Fashion Activist.” 

On November 5, 2020, after 9 months of construction, beginning Pre-Covid, Fashion Activist, Kim Smiley opened the doors of her new Flagship in Canada’s largest city: not a jewellery store in so much as a destination for disruption and hope, beauty and goodness, empathy and imagination. In a world where beauty is often a form of tyranny, our flagship was conceived as the inner sanctuary of The Queen: a place of refuge from the ravages of a broken, superficial world.

Two weeks after the KIM SMILEY Flagship Opened, we were locked down. Although the calculus of the decision seems illogical, we believe safety comes first, always.

We Don’t Pivot. We Pirouette.

At 1070 Eglinton Avenue West, prepare to be transported into Kim Smiley’s magical imagination — where the storefront window is an invitation to another realm.

Upon entering, one steps into the Queen’s jewellery box, resplendent with blush velvet, black lacquer and hidden treasures.

Past the seven foot, double-sided glass fireplace is the Queen’s Gallery; bedecked with the fine art of both Emerging and Master artists, including Olaf Schneider, Jodi Chapnick, Candace Wilson, Lindsi Beth Hollend and Jade Usackas.


The last quadrant of the Queen’s chamber is a sanctuary for study and a playground for the imagination. Our third quadrant (like the Third Eye 🧿) is also dedicated to higher consciousness. To teaching EMPATHY through the global following of The Empathy Effect, Kim’s National Nonprofit Organization and Charitable Foundation, Empathy Empire.For every piece of Kim Smiley jewellery sold, we will unlock free access to a virtual Empathy Workshop somewhere in the world. Means to pay should not be the threshold for education.Through fashion, our goal is to empower people of all ages and backgrounds to create a more empathetic world. Because at KIM SMILEY we believe there is nothing more gorgeous than giving back.

Design Team:      
1070 Eglinton Avenue West, Toronto, Canada
Interior Design: Marie-Noelle Swiderski/ Galuchat
Architecture: Jaimie Smiley, London, UK     
General Contractor: Jason Wong Ken
Branding: Isabelle Swiderski, Seven25


Our UK-based, internationally-mobile Design Team has delivered exclusive, full-scope, bespoke interiors and architecture for a discerning international clientele for over 15 years.

A family-affair, the Design Team has birthed creative projects ranging from Royal Palaces in The United Arab Emirates to Retail Refuges reimagined as the Queen’s Chambers in Toronto, Canada.
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