Gwen Necklace
This sterling silver locket shows that the Kim Smiley woman sees the lace lining in everything. Our lace inserts are removable and can be replaced with your favourite family photographs.                                                   DETAILS: Collection: Necklaces 16" Sterling silver paperclip chain Sterling Silver...
Hamsa Necklace
Our sterling silver hamsa necklace with freshwater pearls will protect you from negative energy. Flip the pendant around for a completely fresh look, with lace and Swarovski.                                                                              DETAILS:                       ...
Elizabeth Necklace
Kim Smiley's take on a classic cameo necklace. The edgy paperclip chain creates the perfect contrast with this aristocratic pendant. Flip the cameo over for a hand-appointed lace detail. The necklace is reversible.                             DETAILS: Collection: Necklaces Sterling silver cameo pendant...
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