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Jewellery Care & Self-Care

We are so happy to see you here. How are you doing?

Landing here means you’ve been touched by our mission to weave Empathy and Beauty into the Lightest Jewellery on Earth. But we like to think the heaviest on Substance and Soul.  

So, welcome. You either took the plunge, or are basking in the glow of the lightness and painstaking beauty of a new Kim Smiley wearable work of art.

First, you should feel PROUD.

Your KS jewellery is as much jewellery as a badge of honour. Our clients say the pieces are imbued with good karma, woven with empathy and love.

Buying local has reached the status of an emergency. But Kim Smiley stands for far more than feet on the ground at Eglinton and Old Park Road. We stand for the economic empowerment of women through Fashion and Beauty.

That’s what I call a Beauty Revolution.

Care Instructions 

Treat your Kim Smiley Lace Jewellery like your favourite lingerie.

Water is the enemy. (Make sure you drink lots, just keep the jewellery away).

If your wearable art does get wet (oh, my!), deep breath: lace may be pressed with hot iron and everything goes back to normal.

Please be careful and avoid contact with hand-appointed Swarovski or Semi-Precious Gems. As a life rule, pretty, shiny, handmade objects do not like extreme heat).

Alternatively, call us or email and we will troubleshoot. Jewellery and beauty are meant to be fun and light. But how we care for our jewellery — our sacred possessions — should be modelled after how we treat the most vulnerable members of our society. 

Every human being on earth is a jewel, and we are all united in a garland of humanity. Each of us unique, yet each inextricably interconnected. In a world rife with unrest, let Beauty usher in the dawning of a new wave of Empathy.

In The Pursuit of Goodness

In The Pursuit of Beauty 

In that order....

All for One,          
One For All,